Primordial Ooze

Someone likened him to a lingering case of herpes.

Trump was the keynote speaker at CPAC on Sunday, an event filled with conservative… luminaries? Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, that senator from AZ– Paul Gosar– who actually agreed to be the keynoter at a more radical, right wing, white supremacist conference held elsewhere.

Trump, ever the inflated ego monster, at some point asked the crowd something like, “Do you miss me yet?” and of course everyone went bananas. Again, who are these people, and why are they still smitten with such a lightweight? And why does he still get press coverage, why does he still warrant having access to a microphone? The irony, the challenge of the First Amendment right to free speech is that the spewers of lies and filth get to keep spewing and lying. And of course I get to keep enjoying the description of Trump likened to a “lingering case of herpes.”

If this is truly where millions of Americans are in their thinking—still crying “foul” over election results, still claiming and pronouncing and embracing a woeful ignorance of “what the Bible says,” still convinced that Trump is some sort of messianic figure, still pedaling and believing the horrendous lies about liberal Dem child molesters—then woe is us. It is truly discouraging that Republican talking points never rise above the delusional and delirious and hate-filled.

Mitch– are you buying this stuff? Are you with these people? You recently said you’d absolutely support Donald Trump if he decided to run in 2024. What’s your strategy here? What do you believe today? What’s your belief du jour?

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