Challenge Accepted?

First day of March, 2021. Just about a year since the s really hit the f.

Stats are telling us that the downturn in cases and hospitalizations has stalled again, so once more we find ourselves at a place where we have to choose between ignoring the history or doubling down and modifying our behavior for the sake of keeping this thing at bay until the vaccines (3 options now!) do their thing. I’m not optimistic, but maybe this time we learn?

Maybe the only thing keeping us from numbers off the charts, again, is that there hasn’t been a Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday people just had to be together for. There was no significant uptick after the Super Bowl, so maybe folks are finally taking this seriously. We’ll see.

The variants are here, one in particular, and apparently taking hold. This is our chance to see that our behavior, our choices, make a difference.   

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