Lots of Q, Not Much A

What is it that entices people down the path of making creepy videos backed with a head-banging track, with the most annoying, hateful music on earth? And with formulaic, hate-filled, coded language about “acceleration”, reeking of white supremacy and Naziism. How can this still get any traction?

It can only exist on the fringes, on the dark web, yet it still emerges to see the light of day on the Capitol steps and in the halls of Congress. It gets coverage on reputable networks.

Pundits are right to ask why there are still so many unanswered questions about the events of January 6. And of course, one must figure that Trump had something to do with the sloth-like response of law enforcement. How could an apparatus that normally eats, drinks, and sleeps security be so ill-prepared when they had to know that an angry, motivated crowd was going to show up?

Seems like a strange time to let your guard down.

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