Another Minority Opinion

I don’t get the lament over the lack of crowds at sporting events. I guess it would be more exciting somehow to have the noise and the waves of cheers and jeers. But all along I have never felt this way. I would argue that, for the most part, the absence of spectators hasn’t diminished the quality of the product on the field or court or rink or course. I like hearing the squeak of sneakers on a basketball court. I like hearing the banter we usually can’t hear at a football or hockey game. And I don’t miss for one second the “mashed potatoes!” or “in the hole!” or whatever else the alcohol-fueled patrons yell after someone tees off.

Frankly, I could watch just about any sport and still enjoy it just as much, since the beautiful people at court side are an annoyance, and there are enough idiots who don’t add anything to the competition. Especially golf. Golf could go on spectator-less forever, as far as I’m concerned. In fact, one could argue that we’ve gotten a whole different, expanded view of the courses themselves, not to mention seeing a few winners along the way who may have withered under the pressure of performing in front of a crowd. Good for them, glad they were able to experience the winner’s circle, crowd or no crowd.

Yup, spectators do nothing for me. It’s more about the level of mastery, and the simple, raw spirit of competition that many of us have by nature. And pretty much whatever is on is still a welcome diversion, something to do besides wondering what to do.

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