Two Paths

Will we stay ahead of the variants? Will enough of us finally pay heed to the health experts and scientists who have been saying all along that masks and social distancing and good hygiene will help us avoid covid? And will the vaccines finally help clear the way to a return to some normalcy?

So many questions, still.

The truly tragic and infuriating part is that we could be much further down the road to recovery if there was a unified voice, one message heeded from the outset. I don’t think we should ever let that rest. We should be mad as hell about that. We frittered away precious days and months while the Trump administration sowed confusion, equated mask wearing with a lack of patriotism, floated hairbrained cures and told the nation that there was really nothing to worry about. Has that sunk in yet?

The downward trends are giving us hope, but we should also know by now that this is exactly when we do our own doubling down and starve this damned virus into submission.

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