Enough of the Sneer

Don’t mess with Texas, eh?

Just because you all sit on the largest piece of acreage in the lower 48, you figure this gives you bragging rights? No one tells you how to live or govern, or run an electricity grid? Geez. How’s that disdain for regulation working for you now?

Try to reconcile your “Texas-sized” hubris with your powerless and freezing citizens. Pretty slow on the uptake, since you’ve been through this at least two or three times in the last 30 years. It doesn’t matter that it only happens once a decade or so. When it happens, it affects everyone and they’re suffering unnecessarily because… why? You don’t want Uncle Sam’s fingers in the pie? You don’t want to share? You really prefer to be your own country?

Your oversized ego is a giant annoyance, and your pomposity is biting you in the ass.

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