Close To Home

There’s no need to travel very far to experience significant differences of opinion regarding the politics of the day. It’s in our own families, among siblings, and parents and children.

Sometimes it’s tempting to demand or offer apologies—for coming on too strong, for thinking and believing with such rigidity the things we think and believe. Polar opposite opinions can’t both be right, can they? Is the truth found somewhere in the compromising, somehow unsatisfying middle? For the sake of peace and tranquility, do we just agree to disagree and never really move beyond that—even if the peace is superficial? Or is it always going to be our reality that we have to be ready to take the gloves off and fight for what we believe, regardless of the validity of those beliefs?

The thing is, I can’t foresee a day when I embrace the “always Trump” or a generally conservative mindset and view this as a wise and inspired way to live one’s life. I can’t picture myself ever adopting even a piece of it and considering this as having “seen the light.”  Instead, it will always suggest being stuck, living life with blinders on, a preoccupation with money and somebody’s laziness, a lack of introspection and an unwillingness to dive deeper into what Jesus and Paul and others have to say in the New Testament. It will always suggest being unnecessarily afraid of differences and change.

It will always speak darkness and some level of selfishness to me.

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