Slow Motion Car Wreck

There was never going to be just a switch we could flip. Nothing as simple as a turn of the page to a new chapter. Of course the Trump travesty is going to linger!

What makes things worse is that the five minutes of goodwill that might have existed on January 20 is long dissipated, and now we’re back to the reality of a tooth and nail fight over everything. It’s not like no one could predict this. It’s just that there was a glimmer of hope that, without Trump physically looming over the proceedings, there might be a shift away from the ugly rhetoric and lemming-like buy-in by so many Senators we might assume would possess at least a smidge of keen judgment and moral uprightness.

Too much to expect, as it turns out. It’s looking like a sizeable majority of Republican Senators are willing to forget everything that happened on January 6, sweep it under the rug, at least with regard to Trump’s role. Whatever revulsion or condemnation existed three weeks ago is now confined to four or five people. Forty-five are apparently ready to defend Trump and say, basically, “It really wasn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be. It’s ancient history now. Time to move on. The guy’s not even in office anymore!”

The Republican Party is all in on a deal with the devil. The rudderless, irrational, and misinformed Base rules. And most of Mitch’s minions are ok with that.

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