There is no long-term way forward if only one of the two current political parties in this country has a sincere interest in rational, real world governance. Unfortunately, if only one party has its heart in the right place and wants to pass legislation that will ease peoples’ burdens and address legitimate need, then the effort must be made to do so unilaterally, as often as possible. It sounds like Chuck Schumer and his caucus are ready to do that.

As much as I’ve tried to understand the Republican ethos, it remains difficult to do. Not because it is a mystery, but because it seems so wrong-headed, tone deaf, and in some ways evil. If 90% of the current Republican membership in the Senate is still unsure about election results or Trump’s complicity in the events of January 6, then there is probably little chance of bipartisan goodwill developing anytime soon.

How did past landmark legislation make it to passage and signing? Has it always been a slog, or are we currently looking at something anomalous and genuinely sinister? 

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