What are Ted Cruz and the rest trying to do? What’s their motive, their strategy, their end game? Still kissing the Base’s ass, I guess.

Donald Trump lost the election by 7 million votes. He lost the Electoral College by 74 votes. How is it possible that he has any influence whatsoever over the Republican Party? I mean apart from his mystifyingly loyal base?

He’s not a Republican, he’s not a Democrat. He’s merely an opportunist, in love with the power and limelight. He doesn’t give a damn about America. Surely many must know this, especially after the year we just limped through. Yet even after January 20, the Trump shit show will continue in some form.

Have we ever seen anything like this in the history of our nation? Such childishness, pettiness, immaturity. Trump’s not a winner. He just never learned how to lose. We may not want to make a habit of it, but everyone needs to learn how to lose, or at least learn how to move on from a loss. You can’t win ‘em all, man. It’s about time you learned that lesson.

If all you want out of life is to say you never lost, then you are among the most selfish, deluded people in the history of people. If it matters to you how you’re remembered, well, it’s way past time you shut up and walk away. For the good of everyone.

But you won’t do that. The part of you that knows to leave well enough alone is ill-formed. Or it was never there to begin with.

Psst! Donald… your base doesn’t really love you. You just happened to be the one who fed their insecurities, gave them permission to hold onto their ignorance and hate. That’s all.

Quite the legacy. Worthy of the vision you’ve never had.

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