Day One

Some amount of catharsis should be in order, but most of us know that nothing changed at the stroke of midnight. And to heap blame on what many consider an arbitrary number is pretty silly.

Still, there was something nice about seeing the ball drop and watching a new number light up. 2020 is over. The promise of something new and better at least exists in our imaginations for a time now. Trump is still President, but only for 19 more days. Mitch McConnell still mumbles edicts, but his reign will end eventually. And because we as a nation seem not to be able to muster the organizational and coping skills, the will required of us, Covid-19 will continue to be a scourge probably well into this new year. But at least 2020 is over, even as we continue to treat it as a scapegoat for a while.

Biden and Harris have their work cut out for them. It’s time to make something hopeful of the year just begun.

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