The annual Lexus Christmas commercials have been thrust upon us. They really are lame, not to mention rage-inducing. Who the hell drops $40K on a vehicle and thinks this makes for a nice, or appropriate, Christmas gift? I guess there might be a few who can afford to do such a thing.

The same with the GMC commercial that ups the ante with some guy living in his trophy house with his trophy wife, who buys a decked-out SUV and a truck. His and hers. Maybe there’s some sort of tongue-in-cheek hyperbole happening there, or a twisted guilt trip? “The watches are great, honey, but let me show you how much I love you (and let’s not forget me).”

The whole genre seems even more tone deaf than normal this year. Relentless, offensive commercialism, entitlement, and sickening excess. Presented unapologetically, with smiles. As something people just do for the special someones in their lives.

SNL connected with a left hook this past Saturday.

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