Can’t Be Many Nails Left

Trump’s last-ditch effort with Texas and the rest didn’t work. It met with the same fate the PA lawsuit suffered- an unsigned response saying the SC would not take the case. The plaintiffs didn’t demonstrate “judicially cognizable interest.” Politico describes this as the latest futile attempt by Trump to “scrap the democratic process to preserve his presidency.”

What else will they do now, to keep the chum in the water and the Base itching for a fight? The GA run-off is still three-plus weeks away. Or is this really just a continuing money-making scheme for Trump, and he truly doesn’t care what happens in Georgia?

Meanwhile, COVID infections and deaths keep mounting, and the strain on hospitals, nurses, and doctors keeps eating away at the system’s vitality.

Such an appallingly deprived lot–Trump and his flunkies, that is.

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