Often times I don’t really know what I’m talking about. This space is an outlet for giving voice to feelings and opinions that aren’t always informed by facts. It’s sometimes a place I come just to vent my anger and frustration.

When it comes to Donald Trump, I often feel that despite the attention he gets and the noise he makes, he is ultimately inconsequential and destined for the bone pile of history– once people make the effort to really listen to him and take a closer look. He is one of the few people in such lofty public office who has hardly ever said anything truly meaningful or edifying. He is an empty suit who somehow made it all the way to the White House. Nothing more than a conduit for other peoples’ dimness and sickness and anger.

He appeals to a certain white demographic that feels unnoticed and unheard, and threatened by the country’s changing complexion. These are the ones who propelled him to Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s no small number, and they can yet do damage, with their mindless buy-in of cockamamie conspiracy theories, their gullibility and ignorance, and their reluctance to embrace the changes. Their numbers will eventually wane, but not anytime soon.

When Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, it will be a good day for many. But the MAGA crowd will still exist. They will still be a force to reckon with. They will be more than willing to fall in behind anyone who speaks their anachronistic language, or feeds their fears.

There are rumblings of Trump returning for another run in 2024 (as an Independent?), because he craves the attention and will always be motivated by a need to save face, along with an inability to handle defeat. His presence has and will always have nothing to do with a hopeful vision for the country. It will always just be Trump saying “Look at me.” Maybe that should have been the slogan on those damned red hats, accompanied by a picture of Trump and his shit-eating grin.

“Make America Great Again”? That was never going to happen. You didn’t even come close, Donald. You couldn’t. You just didn’t care. You’re incapable of caring.

And let’s face it– as slogans go, that one really sucks. It’s vague and uninspired, and has no real-world resonance.

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