Chronic Condition, Fatal Flaws

We certainly are a fallen humanity.

Sin, or inescapable brokenness- whatever we want to call it- creeps in, manifests itself in endless ways. The gap between ideal and real will always remain. We will continue to elect people who promise real solutions to real problems but end up getting distracted and delivering something far less. It’s like they promise the world just to get elected or something…

What’s currently happening in Washington is no longer just painful to watch. It’s scary, because Trump’s reach and influence appear to be growing. More people seem to be coming under his spell, seem to be willing to bend to his desires. He’s playing the long game, he appears to have a plan. He is intent on wearing people down, intent on stealing the election from an actual majority of Americans.

He is a hateful and hate-filled person, motivated by a fear of losing, by a need for vengeance, by a need to stay out of jail. Motivated by all the wrong things. Someone must put a stop to this guy and the mindless bots around him.

Where are we heading with all this?

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