Exit Stage Right. Or Left, it doesn’t matter.

Looks like maybe the chink in Trump’s armor turned out to be his own ego. No surprise there.

His handling of the pandemic may have been the biggest miscue, but his general unsavoriness- his unwillingness to take advice or listen to anybody- hasn’t helped him, either. He seems to be his own worst enemy. Again, no surprise, and this is offered with just a trace of sympathy for the guy.

It’s more pleasurable than it probably should be to watch him implode, though this satisfaction is tempered greatly by knowing that all the stall tactics and whining are hurting the country, sabotaging and delaying the transition process as a pandemic rages, among other things. Trump seems intent on leaving things in as much of a mess as he can possibly orchestrate. He’s always been good at sowing chaos. But that’s bad, right?

This is absolutely nuts.

Many will look back on these days with a mix of revulsion, anger, embarrassment, and astonishment at the depravity of the person who took up space in the Oval Office for four years.

Unfortunately, his “cologne” is going to linger for awhile.

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