Are You Sure About This?

Anderson Cooper recently gave an impassioned, most likely scripted editorial regarding the worsening Covid situation. He began by making it sound like he was launching into another piece on something Trump was saying or doing and then stopped himself and said, “You know what? This doesn’t matter… he doesn’t matter.” He said more, but the essence was that we have much bigger fish to fry than covering the attention-starved manchild every minute of the day.

He then proceeded to highlight the disaster that is taking shape once again, only worse, in hospitals all over the country because of skyrocketing covid caseloads and the resulting shortage of beds, canceling of other procedures, and the exhaustion of staffs everywhere.

This is what your brand of herd immunity buys us, MAGA Nation. Have you thought this through? Are you ready to own this, ready to claim it as your course of (in)action?

You’ll enjoy your holidays, I’m sure.

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