Kind of a Nightmare

While we are or should be invested, what happens here on earth is entirely inconsequential, in the cosmic scheme of things. Everything that happens here on this blue marble is a scream into the void and vacuum of endless space. Even a contested election, which appears to be what we have or will have before too long.

My Pink Floydesque downer of an attempt at trying to dispel the heaviness.

Trump’s reach exceeds his grasp, though not in a good way, and things appear to be playing out just as he wants them. Go away, Orange Man. Or say goodnight, America.

The pollsters really blew this one, kind of like last time. I’ve always thought they were window dressing, anyway. Just a lot of noise and wasted air time and conjecture that creates false confidence, and illusion. Gonna try to stay away from media for a while, though it will be hard. Because this is one gnarly accident scene.

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