Maybes and Hopes

Why would anyone want Donald Trump out front as the face of their cause?

Anyone who reads any of these posts knows that this is what has mystified me this whole long, excruciating time. What have people seen in him, heard from him, that inspires such loyalty, such a willingness to overlook the ugly persona and character flaws and the sewage passing for words?

Well, here we go. Election Day. The day many of us have been waiting for since November 8, 2016. Maybe, possibly, by sometime late tonight, we’ll know whether or not America is going to survive, or at least have a chance to right itself. (11/4 post script– this, of course, was pie-in-the-sky. We’re in deep shit. The election is undecided, and it looks like a long, protracted battle coming.)

This shit show passing for a presidency has exposed some glaring cracks in the façade—things many knew existed but could keep hiding in an “end room” where stuff gets piled. We can’t do that anymore. The racism, the xenophobia, the heavy-handed authoritarian tendencies, the ineptitude, the bald-faced lying, the plain ugliness of an empty vessel with no conscience. My friggin’ word—enough already!!! I hope a rational majority actually exists and votes in droves. I hope the system works, and all the doubt and fears of a stolen election turn out to be overreactions and ratings-driven hype. I hope.

Why would anyone want Donald Trump to be out front as the face of their cause? It’s been the mystery all along. Is it simply because he’s a wise ass, talks trash about “libtards?” Because he speaks to white peoples’ racist fears of losing control, of losing their arbitrary, undeserved place at the head of the line? Maybe their cause isn’t a cause at all.

I hope all of this will have served as a corrective, and not an indication that we have entered the downward spiral of what has been the best attempt at a democracy. Maybe we’ll have the chance to improve things, to make America something more than a “democracy” in name only.

To keep working on the ideal becoming real.

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