He “up-played” the virus? What the hell does that mean? He didn’t want to cause a panic? Please. He played it down because he was trying to shield his (his?) precious economy from taking a hit in an election year.

So it looks like he was willing to sacrifice peoples’ health in order to preserve his re-election ace in the hole. And of course the economy took a huge hit anyway.

Good leaders find a way to break bad news. They don’t run from it. They don’t engage in such calculated avoidance. They mobilize people and resources. They engage the citizenry, offer reassurance tempered with honesty and a thoughtful assessment of the situation.

Think about this. He and those around him knew in late January of the virulence of Covid and decided not to take steps to prepare the nation for it. How can we not look at this without thinking he was willing to let the chips fall where they may and let people die? What kind of leader is this? Who votes for such a person?

The biggest hoax this whole time has been Donald Trump.

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