The Pall Over Everything

The only way there could be a less qualified person in the Oval Office is if a Trump disciple was plucked from the crowd at one of his god-awful rallies.

He has to go. Enough of him thumbing his nose at institutions and norms. He’s not the guy to shake things up. Maybe shaking things up isn’t what we need right now. It’s more the power of a likeable, genuinely stable personality, the power of patience and at least the appearance of compassion. A true respect for what the founding fathers have put in place, and working within that framework.

Which doesn’t mean change can’t come. It just means someone as damaged as Donald Trump can’t be the one to effect that change and challenge the status quo. He’s not about healthy and beneficial change. He’s too selfish and needy. He’s about payback, and winning because he hates losing, and being embarrassed.

I wonder if Trump ever looks out over the crowd at one of his super-spreader events and shakes his head. An enclosed space full of largely Caucasian lemmings, sycophants, and dumbness. What are these people holding onto? Trump only loves the adoration and attention. He couldn’t care less about those who show up.

And he much prefers staying in office for as long as possible so as to avoid jail time. That, and he apparently fancies himself the authoritarian type.

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