Six Months Out

As the days pass and Summer arrives, it is becoming clearer that we are going to need to muster more patience than we’ve ever been asked to muster. The virus caseload may be decreasing in some places, but the virus itself really hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still around, ready to take advantage of anyone who drifts too close to someone who just returned from Tulsa or Florida or the county next door.

There is much about this that makes perfect sense and no sense at the same time. We know the virus thrives when people are in close proximity to one another and making no effort to take precautions. We know some people are stubborn or maybe just stupid. They know that the virus thrives in close quarters, but don’t care. It’s almost like they’re daring it to infect them.

Such hubris. Such ignorance. And such predictable outcomes. Not everyone contracts the virus, of course. But enough do, so the spread continues.

It has become apparent that what most likely will happen, for the remainder of the year and until an effective vaccine is widely available, is that people will decide to live life with a higher tolerance for risk. Another quarantine or stay-at-home order will be a much tougher sell for governors and mayors, so people are just going to carry on hoping that they and those they love don’t get sick, all the while reconciled to the possibility that that might indeed happen. This is all remarkable, infuriating, and frightening at the same time.

And what about this scenario: because Donald needs to look like a hero in time for the election, the Trump administration grasps at one last straw, removes the red tape and rushes through what we eventually learn (surprise, surprise) is an unproven vaccine.

Anyway, what is flu season going to look like?

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