So, where are we headed in the fall? I very much want to believe that we will have turned a corner on covid by then. I want to believe that cities and towns and municipalities across the country will use whatever reprieve they have now to rest, to replenish, and recharge. Sorry, the alliterative flow just happens sometimes.

Anyway, I want to believe all that. But of course I don’t, really. The number of cases is not dropping. It’s plateauing. The pressure is being sustained. There is a let-up in spots, but in many others the case numbers are not leveling off or going away. They’re rising again.

And this isn’t the second wave. This is the result of people having had enough of the restrictions and saying to hell with mandates and guidelines. This is people making decisions not only for themselves but for those around them. This is what it looks like to throw discipline under the bus, because…America! Because the wheels of commerce need to keep turning, because the whole system is based on production and work and making money. Because there is no safety net, there is no us. And apparently, many suffer from ADD.

But there is Fox News pushing the alternate universe narrative that the liberal Dems are to blame for everything. And there are many Americans who bow to nothing or no one, not even a soulless, undiscriminating virus that has infected most of the world, and cares not one bit about red-blooded, blindly patriotic and stubborn numskulls.

I hope we can avoid a second wave, because it could make the first one look like child’s play, something we won’t be able to handle at all.

I’m such a ray of sunshine.

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