Four More Years?

One thing that needs to be made perfectly clear is that the more Donald Trump bellows about how “we’re back” and we need to resume our daily activities, the less we should listen to him. The more he urges a return to “normalcy,” the more we should dig in our heels and ignore him and wonder what the hell he’s up to. He and/or those around him are so desperate to win in November that he is going to say and do whatever it takes to make that happen, and to hell with the coronavirus.

We may have a vaccine before the end of the year, and does anyone doubt who’ll be yakking about who should get the credit? If there is a God in heaven, we’ll find Donald Trump crying in his non-alcoholic beer on the sidelines, wondering how he could have lost an election when it seemed, in his pea brain, that so much had ended up going so right.

He can’t emerge from this shit show smelling like a rose. He just can’t. (He sort of didn’t…)

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