Bits and Pieces

You say stuff over and over again, you start believing it.

You get good at sounding like you mean what you say. You even sound patriotic when you need to. Take Joe Biden, for instance. I’ve never thought much of him, really. He’s always seemed a bit too slick for my liking. But Barack Obama liked him as a running mate, so he must have something going for him. And he’s the almost octogenarian we’re pinning our hopes on to end this nightmare that now includes a pandemic. Which seems entirely appropriate– that a pandemic unfolds on Trump’s watch. Why not? It’s somehow fittingly symbolic of the last three-plus years. The natural progression of things.

So who do we believe regarding the origins of the virus? Did it indeed jump from animals to humans in Wuhan, or was it manufactured and intentionally spread in order to disrupt the world order? Either scenario sounds plausible. While the latter sounds more like it comes from a place of paranoia and the minds of Fox News and conspiracy theorists everywhere, the former sounds like something born of and perpetuated by a certain naivete.  

Who knows what the truth is anymore?

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