I’m growing weary of the sob stories, the apocalyptic headlines, and the incessant coverage of the hardships our health workers are facing. Yes, we know all too well of their trials and tribulations: they’re working long hours, seeing way too much suffering and death, living in hotel rooms, separated from their families, dealing with shortages of PPE. We’re well aware of their sacrifices and challenges, and gratitude is in order. But there is no need to cover it all day every day. Hear that, NBC, ABC, CBS, and the rest? Focus instead on the idiot in the White House and his unwillingness to actually lead.

And it is beyond irritating to hear people complaining about infringement of their civil rights. Does this seem like a normal situation to anyone? This isn’t Business As Usual, and the maddening insistence on getting back to it shouldn’t make it happen any quicker. It’s true what Dr. Fauci and others are saying- the virus dictates when we get back to whatever there is to get back to. Unless we just want to ignore the likelihood of multiple waves of infection, let the chips fall where they may regarding who lives and dies, and settle for herd immunity. Is this what people really want?

This is the USA, dammit. Get the testing up to speed!!

And if I hear or read “We’ll get through this together” one more time, I’m gonna puke. There is no other way to get through something like this. And we are not together at the moment, despite what the auto makers, insurance companies, investment firms, big pharma, law offices, mega banks, and fast food restaurants are selling in their latest ads.

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