Scary Cold

It’s telling, especially of late, when one watches Trump stand at a podium and read the words of a prepared statement. He makes it look like a tedious chore, for one thing, like he’d rather be golfing or anywhere but where he is. And the words themselves create a certain dissonance, like he didn’t have much to do with their creation.

I know– all Presidents have speech writers, and sometimes it seems like they’re just going through the motions. But Trump is different, and not in a good way. He’s a mouthpiece for Stephen Miller and his ilk. If one listens to Trump close enough, one can often get an earful of the twisted and hateful word stew that only the likes of Miller could conjure from his stash of spider larvae and eye of newt mixed with a dash of his spectacularly dark world view.

Stop funding for the WHO, in the middle of a pandemic? Sounds like something Stephen Miller could recommend. With a smile.

No, not a smile. A shit-eating grin.

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