Saturday Morning Rant

I’m with Bill Maher when it comes to the nightly news. There’s really only a few minutes of actual news and the rest is sensational, voyeuristic, heart strings fluff. And weather.

Every single time someone in the Trump administration claims they are doing the will of the American people, then every single time they have to know they are kidding themselves. They need to qualify that statement and acknowledge the asterisk. No doubt there are many who support Trump and his League of Assholes, but it is by no means a majority. They have carried on as if they won by a landslide in 2016, choosing to ignore the fact that they lost the popular vote by ALMOST 3 MILLION. Not three thousand, not even three hundred thousand.

3 x 10 to the 6th.


Apart from the fact that the Electoral College is your enemy until it’s your friend, being on the short end of a 3 million- vote deficit doesn’t exactly give you bragging rights.

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