Let’s talk royals. As in Meghan and Harry and their latest rough patch.

Who the f**k cares?

The royal family is mind blowingly inconsequential, yet why the fascination? Is it because people want to be them? Is it just envy of a lifestyle? It’s a glaring anachronism, from the queen on down. Just another example of holding onto something that serves no purpose anymore. The world’s worst soap opera.

I’ve never understood the mystique. I’ve never understood the lingering affection for Diana or her offspring. It’s beyond rational, somehow. At some level it seems to be about envy and fantasy, seeing someone live the life many apparently dream about. A harmless diversion, I guess, like Hollywood. More palatable than Trump, but certainly not newsworthy.

And how can Donald Trump be tied with Barack Obama for most admired in America? Donald Trump and “admired” shouldn’t appear in the same sentence. Yet here we are. 

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