Day: 1 Billion

For those among us who can’t understand why people always seem to be piling on our dear president, maybe they should pause for a moment and review his body of work. It is impressive in volume only, both auditory and spatial- as in being loud and taking up space that could be used for something more important. Its content is largely adolescent, revelatory of his lack of knowledge on most every topic.

He doesn’t just shoot from the hip, he shoots himself in the foot with regularity. But no one seems to care. Nothing seems to dent his armor. He behaves like a boorish buffoon, and the most his supporters can say is it’s just Trump being Trump. That’s getting old now, maybe even for them.

He’s a caricature of evil, his lack of concern for the earth is maddening and criminal. He’s diverting funds from all sorts of programs to build the fucking wall.  This has Stephen Miller written all over it.

Trump hasn’t drained any swamp. But his inner circle has emerged from one, and they are attempting to walk upright.

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