Perfect Storm

The first pictures and video to come out of the Bahamas are gut-wrenching. Staggering, complete devastation. I’m sure in the days ahead we’ll get a fuller sense of what happened when Dorian stalled for 48 hours. There will be reporters on location asking stupid questions about how residents feel, inferring things they already know. You can’t blame them, in a way. They’re probably as dumbfounded as everyone else.

Where do you start? How does recovery begin after such an event? What if I didn’t have a house to live in anymore? What if all the things I take for granted- grocery stores and gas stations and hospitals and hardware stores- are all gone? It’s hard to fathom.

So here’s where the rest of the world comes in. Relief must come. A meaningful response must be made- something more than throwing rolls of paper towels and blaming the Bahamas for being in the way of a hurricane.

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