Here In America

In the aftermath of the latest senseless loss of life in El Paso and Dayton, it is difficult to feel anything but anger. The endless commentary, the incessant coverage, the focus on what must be done and won’t be done, the preying on peoples’ fears, the lingering feeling that there is nothing routine, nothing innocent about a fucking trip to Walmart. Then there’s the denial from the Trump puppeteers who are so good at spinning the issue as a video game and mental health problem- and not their stonewalling and kowtowing to the gun lobby, along with the enabling attitudes and caustic commentary seeping from the President of the United States.

Other countries play video games more pervasively per capita than we do. Other countries deal with mental illness in their populations. Yet no one is in the same hemisphere when it comes to the frequency of these events as we endure them here. 

The former girlfriend of the Dayton shooter rather smugly and somewhat defensively said that he got the short end of the stick when it came to the attention he needed for his depression or mental illness, seeming to dismiss the glaring reality of his monstrous behavior as it stands.

I have no doubt that people slip through the cracks of our mental healthcare system, but there is no excuse for obtaining a weapon of war and killing an unsuspecting population with it. As cries for help go, this doesn’t help much.

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