Sometimes it’s a curse to be so connected, because it feels like verbal bombardment and sensory overload. We’re assaulted on a daily basis by myriad voices with differing motivations, and sometimes it becomes too much.

It seems to be the consensus among folks not associated with Fox News that Trump is a racist, but I don’t feel qualified to affix such a label. I know what I see and hear from him, and it’s mostly ugliness. It moves beyond simply “telling it like it is.” If it’s all in service of projecting a persona, of intentionally pissing people off, if it’s all part of a re-election strategy, then it means he has no problem acting and sounding like a person who shows and feels discrimination against other races.

Maybe it’s just what it looks like- a person with an ego the size of Jupiter who feels no shame, who feels unassailable. Maybe the racism is so ingrained, there’s no way he can see it.

We slap labels on people at the drop of a hat anymore and call “foul!” Sometimes it’s really difficult to tell who has a legitimate gripe, because there seems to be such a pervasive desire to play the victim. And once the media get ahold of a story, it’s wall-to-wall coverage and a feeling that now it’s just piling on.

And are plaintiffs motivated merely by wanting justice, to teach someone a lesson, or save someone from future harm? Or is it really about the financial settlement? It’s no wonder lawyers get such a bad rap sometimes.

There’s no reason to accept the Donald Trump presidency as normal. We can’t care how Fox and friends spin things. There’s something seriously off about the whole lot of them. I feel no obligation whatsoever to respect him or anyone he appoints, or anyone who supports him. Though I’m sure some of them are good people. 

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