Who Breaks the Cycle?

Here’s what I don’t understand: the Republicans, ie Trump, Huckabee-Sanders, Fox News and the rest, are all gloating, predictably giddy over the Mueller report. But why are they also vindictive, demanding apologies, and considering their own Special Counsel? This is what always happens- the spiral of revenge and retribution takes over, and there’s never a point where anyone leaves well enough alone. A simple “I told you so” would be sufficient. Unsatisfying and aggravating, but sufficient. But now the mess just gets messier, and Trump does what he does best- plays the victim, looks for pity, doubles down, goes after the fake news and ACA- again- and in general acts like the dick he’s always been.

And besides, who’s to say what’s being withheld from public view re the Mueller report? The public apparently can never know the whole story, but why is that? The report gets handed to an Attorney General who writes a 19-page missive on why the Mueller report was a bad idea, and then he’s the one who gets to decide what info gets released. Isn’t that special.

This demand for apologies is ridiculous. There was good reason to start an investigation: the President fired James Comey. He raised suspicion. How can you let something like that go uninvestigated?

Then again, how much of an elected official’s day is spent in pursuits of vanity? Blame this one, bad-mouth that one. Make accusations, jump on the bandwagon of some empty cause, and totally ignore responsibilities for governance and passage of meaningful legislation.

Ooh, a squirrel!

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