Nothing To See Here

On Day 675, the Mueller report was wrapped up. It’s now been delivered to the Attorney General. Hopes of it ever being shared in total with the public are next to nil. Already we know that there apparently was no collusion, so we’ll never hear the end of that.

But the report stops short of exonerating Trump on obstruction of justice charges. Nothing will come of that, either. So it looks like things are working out exactly the way I thought they would- no surprises, just the knowledge that more than half the country will have to learn to live with this asshole for, most likely, another 5 years or so. And suffer his insufferable supporters. Pure ugliness.

It’s amazing what people will overlook if their pocketbooks are healthy. It’s hard to believe that there would be enough people willing to re-elect him. But they’re a gullible lot, convinced that the Democrats will drive us into the dreaded Socialism abyss. News flash: we’re already there. And chances are they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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