A Very Good Season

I don’t live in Massachusetts anymore, but I spent the first 37 years of my life there. My allegiance to the local pro sports teams was forged early on and is ironclad, unchangeable.

I feel like celebrating the latest Red Sox triumph, but also don’t want to overdo. Best to keep it low key. We have enjoyed an embarrassment of riches since 2002, and it’s perfectly understandable why the rest of the country has had quite enough of us. I would feel the same way. Still, it’s a nice run and I’m going to enjoy and appreciate it.

And besides- in the bigger picture, it’s just a game. It’s an achievement athletically, when a professional team distinguishes and separates itself from the rest of the field. And it makes a city and a fan base feel good about themselves for awhile. But in the annals of human achievement, I’m not sure it rises to the level of a cure for polio or the invention of the printing press or air travel.

I just hope they can stay relatively humble. It seems sometimes these guys forget there’s a next season, and karma, and what goes around often has a way of coming around. Some players, and especially fans, have long memories. So don’t offer up any ammunition. Stay humble. Enjoy the moment, but remember you can feel good about yourself and your achievements without rubbing it in. Dispense with the “Yankees suck!” chants and playing “New York, New York” as a burn. And what’s with all this talk about “Title Town?”  Come on.

It’s easy to get stupid.

Post script 1/22/20… maybe this superb season now has to come with an asterisk, since Mr. Cora and company have been caught in a technology-aided sign stealing ploy. Any way you cut this, it’s wrong, it’s cheating, and they deserve the punishment. But if this paves the way for Pete Rose or Barry Bonds and company to be given further HOF consideration, then I am going to swear off professional sports forever. Apples and oranges, somehow.

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