I’m sure there are others, but Donald Trump is the worst person I know of. I’m sure if he knew how I felt he would reconsider the course of his life. 

He’s winning, amazingly, but I wish he’d lose a little bit. OK, a lot. Like to the point of giving up and taking a damned UP escalator back to wherever he came from.

He’s in perpetual campaign mode. He seems to thrive on hate and disgust. He loves pissing people off. He needs constant affirmation from his followers. The smile he wears best is a smirk. I’m not sure he’s capable of having an original thought. He says whatever he feels like saying, regardless of its basis in truth or fiction. Every indication is that his moral compass is stuck on self-adulation. He seems to grow more brazen and reckless with each passing day.

But he is the POTUS. It’s a waking nightmare.

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