Another County Heard From

Some things aren’t difficult at all.

Oh, we invent impressive excuses for why things are difficult. And complicated. But they’re really not.

Take, for example, the current issue at our southern border. Children being separated from their parents, kept in tents, and cages in an abandoned Walmart. All in the name of deterrence.

I can imagine that some of those Americans who live along the southern border have a different perspective than me and the rest of us who don’t live there. But there is something that transcends whatever concerns they have. It’s our common humanity.

Our trouble is that we don’t want the hassle of caring for people we don’t know. We have our own lives to live, after all. Our own families to feed and care for. Our own dreams to get on with. So there is often a reluctance to acknowledge a bigger picture.

Nevermind that these potential immigrants are parents looking out for their families, too – trying to find a place to live where they don’t have to worry about dying all the time, or going hungry, or jobless, or being exploited in some damn way. Imagine the fear and desperation. Try to imagine these things. Try to understand. Can you? Can we?

Political expediency aside, the reason Trump had to reverse his course is because there are, among other groups, a lot of parents with fresh memories of the bonds that form between parent and child, and who find such a policy to be heartless and cold and appalling. Not to mention evil.  

Simply beyond the pale of how we treat each other.

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