Friday Rant

I don’t get the point Trump supporters try to make by saying that Trump’s style is the point-  that it’s about putting an end to “business as usual.” What’s the point if Trump’s methods are Chairman-like, despot-like, and just acting like a 2-year old who doesn’t get his way?

I’m beginning to think that the way I feel about this amounts to nothing more than sour grapes, the disjointed dance that happens when the party out of power descends into name-calling and constant critique. I’m not alone in (still) feeling the disgust of a Trump victory, but it seems that my feelings don’t much matter. Even though in my gut something feels terribly wrong, it just isn’t going to matter, because there are millions of others who don’t at all feel the way I do. They love the fact that Trump prevailed. They love the fact that us “liberals” are crying in our beers. He plays to these every day. And besides, the Republicans rule in both House and Senate. At least one Senator is saying there is a “cultish” feel to this apparent lock-step behind the current President. Yikes.

The thing is, I’d be all for someone coming along that didn’t carry on with business as usual. But Donald Trump? How desperate does one have to be to vote for Donald Trump? Didn’t they know and understand what they were getting when they voted for him?               It will always boggle the mind.

But hey, we are winning. Winning all the time. Win, win, win.

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