Passin’ Me By

What we see, most days, is what’s in front of us. In the form of obligations to spouse and family and job. In the form of road blocks and opportunities, good news and bad.

The sun keeps rising and setting, some days hidden behind the clouds. The nighttime sky reveals glimpses of the universe obscured by the light of day.

The thought of how small we are is troubling to some. It’s never bothered me. It is what it is. Which isn’t to say I never suffer existential angst, or contemplate ultimate meaning, or search for some elusive larger Truth. As for the fear of being alone in the universe? Meh.

Most days are pretty earthbound… What’s for breakfast? Time for coffee. Better mow the lawn. Should probably schedule some visits.

I do get caught up in the news of the day, troubled by the fact that there are many people who feel everything is as it should be: the right person is in the White House and he has surrounded himself with a most marvelous cast of characters. Or maybe that cast of henchmen and women have the perfect, pliable, clueless puppet as their boss.

Whatever. I just want to see a meteor, a rainbow, some peak Fall foliage- anything that cleanses the palate and reminds me that there’s more going on than what’s meeting the eye.

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