Serious Disconnect

Opinions on how things are going in general- how life is going for someone- are shaped by a number of factors. A person recovering from Harvey or Maria or the fires in northern California or the senseless carnage in Las Vegas is likely to have a different take than someone who glides through the day with a roof over their head and no interruption in their wifi.

A bible-thumping conservative may think things are ok or even great, while the average liberal-leaning progressive has been periodically apoplectic since Nov. 8 of last year. What’s striking to me is the gap that exists between the two camps, along with the irony of bible-loving Christians who apparently are unfamiliar with the New Testament or read only the parts that seem to support their fossilized views.

It is difficult to ignore the disconnect that exists between those with a more reasoned, open-eyed understanding of scripture and the tenor and tone of proposed legislation emanating from the party in power right now.

It’s ironic- the party with the loudest voices touting Christian values is now the party of Donald Trump, “leader of the free world” who seems not to give a damn about the world or its people. Or leading, for that matter.

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