Have You Seen My Glasses?

Forensic science is a strange pursuit, in a way. It thrives on aftermaths. Its reason for being is to reconstruct something awful that’s already happened, that couldn’t be stopped. Apart from its role in tracking down the perpetrator(s), there’s a part of me that wants to shout, “You’re too late!”

What happened in Las Vegas is horrible. But if history is any indicator, nothing will change. The media outlets have already done their bit- created a soundtrack for the tragedy, taken every opportunity to remind us that this is the worst mass shooting in our history (until the next one), featured human interest stories about the victims, given us pictures of the makeshift memorials, kept us posted on a motive, or the lack thereof.

But with the exception of victims and their loved ones, most everyone has already moved on. With a frequency that rings with an almost perverse pride, the body count is repeatedly acknowledged as a record that most people pretty much assume will be broken at some point. It’s just the way it is, apparently. What we can expect. Because there’s nothing anyone can do about this.

Really?    Well, at least the CSI folks will always have a job.

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