Sometimes it seems the only motivation for writing comes from a place of anger and upset- as much reaction as observation and reasoned opinion. My own limited experience suggests that this gets old after a while, tiring for writer if not reader as well. If the only reason I write is to rant, then I must consider adding more colors to the palette.

Of course, if a daily rant puts food on the table and Cubans in the humidor and a Mercedes in the driveway…

Just this little inconsequential foray into occasional commentary has given me new appreciation for those whose living is made by trying to report and write objectively and with minimal bias. How do they maintain such high standards without letting emotion get in the way, or being slowed by a lack of inspiration? How do they present themselves in an interesting and engaging manner without selling themselves to the devil that is “entertainment?”  How do they keep peoples’ attention in the era of fidget spinners and endless distractions, and apart from an appeal to partisanship?

Part of the answer, I believe, is possessing a command of the English language. Another key ingredient is, not so simply, an unquenchable desire to find the truth- no matter where that search leads them. And even as, in some ways, it’s all a chasing after wind, vanity of vanities, as the writer of Ecclesiastes puts it. Truth seems to exist in the eye of the beholder, even as we crave absolutes.

To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful.   – Edward R. Murrow


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