Is every viewpoint, every opinion, created equal? And who gets to decide?

Is it only fair to consider the merit of every voice that sounds on any subject and appreciatively say, “I hear you?” Or even more, “I value your position?”

Is it all merely a matter of perspective, as if your utterances in support of white supremacy are somehow just as valid as those of someone who can think of a hundred reasons why you’re out of your damn mind?    

I grow ever more certain that I have heard all I need to hear from people who are convinced that the current occupant of the Oval Office can make America great again. 

What more is there to listen for? What more can we yet learn in hopes of being convinced that our Tweeter-in-Chief is anything other than a gigantic ego who seems intent on bringing out the worst in us?

It has become clear that making America great again means nothing more than a return to some era that we left behind for good reason. It is the most clever of slogans, though- ridiculously vague, with a hint of patriotic.

If it’s always a matter of perspective, of every voice carrying equal weight, then we are in big trouble. Because what I see is a gap of unbridgeable width and depth, and inherently unequal voices. Opinions and beliefs so dissimilar in vision and tone that there is little reason for hope of ever finding common ground.

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