The definition is straightforward enough: aging is the process of growing old. A process which, according to, refers especially to human beings, many animals, and fungi. It’s nice to know that fungi share the same inexorable journey, that we’re not alone in this.

The process unfolds differently for different people. Some decide to go kicking and screaming, others seem to be on a fast track. And, for various reasons, others never get much of a chance.

There is a whole industry built on delaying the process. It often involves the rich and famous and a substantial outlay of cash for various elective surgical procedures, the results of which, in my opinion, often skew toward disfigurement rather than improvement.

Short of the aforementioned surgeries, I am going to fight the process tooth and nail. My preference would be to not age at all. Well, except as this leads to patience and wisdom, and the opportunity to partake of a nice double cask single malt 12-year old Macallan.

And one more thing- there is a certain unavoidable absurdity attached to growing old: why does it happen at all?

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