Nice Putt, Chip

Whether or not Mark Twain ever said it or said it first, I’ve never understood the cynicism. Golf is a game never quite mastered, even though the pros are capable of putting on displays of artistry and polish that could make one think otherwise. Besides, whoever described the game as “a good walk spoiled” must have been playing before the days of electric carts, which pretty much take exercise out of the equation.

In any event, golf is way more than chasing a little white ball around a field. It takes a varied skill set to play it well. It is physically and mentally demanding. It challenges a person’s inner cheater to come clean, to “play it where it lies,” to take the penalties and mark the actual score.

And whatever walking does ensue is often done with friends and family, amidst scenic vistas. It’s a welcome departure from the usual routine.


All in all, time well spent.

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