Some things I’m thankful for:

Cut and paste, the Undo icon, coffee shops, opening a bag of coffee, grinding coffee beans, making coffee, the aroma of coffee brewing, drinking coffee, making coffee for someone else, the thought of coffee; music, pianos, a good laugh, keeping the windows open at night, hearing the birds singing in the morning, a car that runs, a lawn to mow and a lawnmower that works, a garden to tend, a watch that keeps accurate time, refilled rain barrels, fresh strawberries, a crunchy and slightly tart apple, popcorn, cereal and milk at my disposal 24/7, college friends I’m still in touch with, a day without an agenda, a cold IPA in a frosty mug, a glass of wine while I cook, a puzzle by Uncle Charlie, Shady Maple, technology, trees, the Grand Canyon, Maine, the smell of the ocean, crab meat salad in a grilled roll, my camera, visits to and from our kids and their spouses; Mom, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, all my in-laws.

And, that she said “yes” on that October afternoon in 1980.  It still amazes me.

There’s more, but that’s enough for now.

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