Ambition and Power, No Resonant Vision

It’s so sad that it’s funny. And vice versa. And a lot of other descriptors as well.

My goodness. What can be said about the current choices a year and a half out from the next Presidential election? On the Democratic side, we have a personable octagenarian who should call it a day. On the Republican side, there is at this point a choice between dumb and dumber, between bad and worse, between Americans who either have no vision or operate under the illusion that the direction we should be heading is back to the 1950s or even further beyond those “simpler” times.

Donald Trump cannot possibly be in the running again. With the baggage he’s carrying and the storm clouds always swirling around him, there should be no chance whatsoever for him to consider the nomination. This, in addition to the fact that he’s a highly damaged, narcissistic wind bag.

And Ron DeSantis needs to stay in Florida, limit the damage.

Neither one of these pretenders has a prayer, apart from their appeal to a misinformed, paranoid base, whose issues include forcing their ill-formed religious “values” on the nation, worrying more about cross-dressing and banning books than paying attention to basic human needs, and making sure everyone has access to high-powered weaponry– you know, for protection when things fall apart.

They currently control the narrative, these two. They command the stage, riding a wave of perverse stubbornness and ignorance.

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