After Memorial Day!

We were supposed to have a cold night overnight. Freeze warnings started popping up yesterday on the weather app—temps in the low 30s or even lower. So we bundled up the tomato plant with a blanket, covered the string beans with a plastic sheet between two chairs, and used individual pots and such to cover the basil and pepper plants. We brought the flat of annuals and the hanging basket with the geranium into the house.

But a layer of high clouds moved in, and must have lingered overnight—it was still 38* at 5:25 this morning, and I doubt it’ll go much lower than that. Saved by the fires in Alberta? It’s been periodically dingy around here—not really cloudy, just a blanket of haze that doesn’t look healthy. But it must have been enough to keep in a bit of the heat of the day.

I’m not complaining. I shouldn’t have planted the tomato so early, but it looks like we’ll be ok.

Hmm, I was gonna say it looks like we dodged a bullet, but it didn’t feel right, for some reason. Maybe I’m really tired of hearing about or making reference to bullets. We get enough of that most days, for different reasons.

*Clarification: the 38-degree reading was off a sensor mounted on the side of the house in the carport. The actual air temp might have been colder out in the open back yard, but maybe not 6 degrees colder. Hopefully, the precautions we took made a difference.

Further clarification: mixed results. The tomato looks ok, most of the beans look ok, but the basil and peppers didn’t fare so well. Might have to replant those.

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