Cynicism Unchained

“…all gone to look for America…”

Good luck, because the America most would prefer you find doesn’t actually exist. The America you’ll find is a mess– scattered in vision and purpose, hyper-partisan, distracted, awash in division, hate ratcheted all the way up, ignorance spewed in the name of holding onto power. And selfish at its core, because selfishness is built into the fabric of who we are as purveyors of capitalism and pursuers of that cursed American Dream.

America seems to have lost its mind, and maybe its heart– if it’s ever had a heart. Many of its leaders aren’t leaders—they’re just the shameless ones who can deliver a line, who know what buttons to push and which asses to kiss.

Make America Great Again? Cheapest, most damnable slogan ever. An earworm for those who tend to speak before they think.

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